Parks & Greenways

These projects relate directly to park design and greenways, and have a scale between the small-scale and planning project categories. Parks represented are multi-acre and have a regional focus.

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  • Exposition Park Master Plan

    Exposition Park Master Plan

    In collaboration with an architecture student, a master plan was imagined for Exposition Park, where the currently segmented and underused space opens up to the surrounding neighborhoods and becomes a community amenity.

  • Echo Park / Vista Hermosa Connection

    Echo Park / Vista Hermosa Connection

    This project proposed a bicycle and pedestrian connection between Echo Park and Vista Hermosa Park, just west of downtown LA. Opportunities to redesign over-wide streets were explored, as were wayfinding through neighborhoods and opportunities for increased stormwater capture.

  • Long Beach Brownfield

    Long Beach Brownfield

    An existing brownfield site in Long Beach is reimagined as a regional park, combining recreational and ecological elements.

  • Temecula Botanical Garden

    Temecula Botanical Garden

    Temecula's wine-producing region, while a popular tourist destination, lacked variety and public amenities. A large site in the heart of the area was designated as an ideal location for a botanical garden, where native, low-water planting designs would be showcased. These examples were designed to inspire homeowners throughout the region to reduce water usage at home.

  • Zzyzx Master Plan

    Zzyzx Master Plan

    A master plan was created for the Desert Studies Center in Zzyzx, CA. The plan included elements to increase visitors, add public educational facilities, and improve conditions for visiting scientists.