These projects address small sites, such as courtyards, gardens, and pocket parks.

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  • Mesozoic Garden

    Mesozoic Garden

    In collaboration with Michael Brown of Biotrek and Eric Haley, another MLA student, this design-build project creates a garden showcasing plants of the Mesozoic Era. Designed to function as both a park space and an outdoor classroom, the site features three distinct planting zones, a seating/instructional circle of seating stones, and is designed to capture all water on-site.

  • Design Hive

    Design Hive

    An underused space on the Cal Poly Pomona campus was chosen for redesign. The outcome, using a hexagonal theme, created outdoor work and study areas, as well as an edible demonstration garden space where the colleges of environmental design and agriculture meet.

  • Campus Courtyard Redesign

    Campus Courtyard Redesign

    A narrow space between two campus buildings was underused and underdesigned. This project sought to create comfortable outdoor spaes for study, dining, and relaxation.

  • Pocket Park in a Day

    Pocket Park in a Day

    These are the results of a one-day charrette-style assignment to conceptualize and design three distinct pocket parks for an urban space.

  • Construction Documents

    Construction Documents

    AutoCAD construction details and plans that are parts of student projects.