Urban Projects

These projects, covering multiple scales, specifically address urban issues, such as food supply, transportation, park access, and community integration.

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  • Exposition Park Master Plan

    Exposition Park Master Plan

    In collaboration with an architecture student, a master plan was imagined for Exposition Park, where the currently segmented and underused space opens up to the surrounding neighborhoods and becomes a community amenity.

  • LA County Green Network

    LA County Green Network

    This speculative project, through extensive GIS modeling, created maps of ideal streets to include in countywide greenway projects. A parks need analysis model was created, balancing health, population density, distance from parks, and other factors. Through a separate model, streets were identified that exceeded recommended widths. Networks of connectivity were identified by combining patterns of park need with excess street width.

  • Echo Park / Vista Hermosa Connection

    Echo Park / Vista Hermosa Connection

    This project proposed a bicycle and pedestrian connection between Echo Park and Vista Hermosa Park, just west of downtown LA. Opportunities to redesign over-wide streets were explored, as were wayfinding through neighborhoods and opportunities for increased stormwater capture.

  • Gold Line Ridership Study

    Gold Line Ridership Study

    Ridership on LA Metro's Gold Line was analyzed in comparison to other lines within Metro's light rail network. Causes for fluctuations in ridership were identified, and solutions were proposed to increase ridership at stations where it is currently low.

  • Food Sovereignty in Watts

    Food Sovereignty in Watts

    This project addressed the idea of food sovereignty and security in the Watts neighborhood in Los Angeles. The class divided into teams, with different students imagining solutions to current challenges to healthy, fresh food in Watts. My role in the project was to analyze available land and water, and determine the amount of food that could be grown, and how many people could be fed.